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Husi Township Hall, Penghu County
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This institute synopsis
* Historical evolution

Is located east the Penghu main island the half, contains the chicken friendly islet, the spindle hook islet, Zha Poyu, Zha the islet, the incense burner islet and so on five bonin islands.West neighbour Makung,Separate the marine facies company by the main bridge and the Baisha township.Lake Sisiang is the Penghu County first big township.The lake Sisiang scenery is beautiful,wealth or galaxy of talent.Qing Dynasty Penghu juren Xin Qiguang,namely stems from west the lake.But the Penghu eight scenery, lake Sisiang monopolizes its four, respectively is「Kui responds the splendor」、「Taiwu firewood song」、「Incense burner haze」and「Dragon Gate drum wave」.The pass gate, the forest throw the pure white sand beach continuous three, four kilometer long, becomes attracts the best sightseeing scenic spot which the tourist lingers settles down.
Penghu is restrained the barren land and the gale few rain, the agriculture always is dispirited, the inhabitant mostly is crossing “half agricultural half fishing” or “take the sea as the field” life.However, purifies oneself the generation to fall, lake Sisiang always is the Penghu agriculture most developed area.In the foreign transportation, Makung of air station the Taiwan Peng airborne transportation, namely is located the native village pass gate village, lake Sisiang docks with Magong, the transportation facilitates extremely.The marine transportation aspect, the native village Dragon Gate port and between the Yunlin foil whelp Laos port has the freighter to be open to navigation, each month of cargo volume of goods handled 2000 tons, may become the Makung port the auxiliary port.
West the lake the local soil is fertile, becomes the immigration the first choice.For example Chen Xing, Xu Xing, Hong Xingzi the Jinmen crosses the sea to come Peng, all take the lake west as the temporary lodging.Has been through repeatedly the Qing Dynasty 200 years development, the population increases unceasingly.The end of the Qing by had 13 Australia, 82 society.In which belongs to west the lake the area to have three Australia, 25 society, respectively be Lin Touao (pass gate, the Jianshan, good Wen Gang, tawu, west brook, east stone, port bottom), Kui wall Australia (west east big north end of town, red silk gauze cover, lake, lake, south Laos, carpophyll, north Laos, Bai Yuankeng, notoacmea schrenkii), goes against bay Australia (tripod with two handles curved, west Laos, nearby Laotian, deep pool, the port whelp tail, in front of Shui Ku, the local land God, Sha Gang, the port bottom).The date governs the time, west the lake the area sets up the pass gate to manage the service bureau successively, the pass gate leaves west an institute, the lake an institute and so on the autonomous unit, in 1920 will later be called west the lake the village.The postwar initial period, in the Penghu minority village carries on the merge, in front of in which Shui Ku, the local land God, the sand port merge for Sha Gangcun, west Laos, Laos merges is China and the West village, the lake Sisiang 22 village establishments.

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